This webinar is for healthcare professionals (including psychologists, nurses, and dietitians) who are new to the area of bariatric surgery.

With growing numbers of post-op bariatric patients in communities all across the country, as a healthcare professional, it's not IF you'll come across a bariatric patient, but rather only a matter of WHEN.

In this 80 minute webinar, we provide...
  1. A basic overview of what bariatric surgery is.
  2. A review of the prevalence of mental health disorders within the bariatric population.
  3. Disordered eating examples from our clinical experience and other common topics of conversation with clients that would prompt a referral to a psychologist.

The webinar is accompanied by 5 downloads:
  • A copy of the PowerPoint slides
  • A 2020 review article on mental health and the bariatric patient
  • PDF - The "Golden Rules" after bariatric surgery
  • PDF - Five important mindset changes to embrace after surgery
  • A certificate of completion for continuing education/professional development purposes

Note: Small group and large group rates available upon request. Please contact us at [email protected] for rates.

Hi, we're Lisa & Monica!

We're compassionate and enthusiastic registered dietitians, specialized in working with adults before and after bariatric surgery. Together, we have over 15 years of experience in the field and have counselled over 6,000 bariatric patients!

We are the co-owners of Bariatric Surgery Nutrition, a company dedicated to supporting bariatric patients before and after surgery, and we're also the authors of The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Surgery: Your questions finally answered.

Bariatric Surgery & Mental Health: What the healthcare professional needs to know


Bariatric Surgery and Mental Health: What the health professional needs to know